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La Dolce Vita: The Pasolini Project fundraiser

Save the date on your calendars because on January 28th we’re having a party to raise funds for The Pasolini Project!

The theme: La Dolce Vita-the swinging 1960’s Italian style.

Featuring: Classic Italian love songs from the 1960’s by Adam Paolozza, Pasolini’s poetry read by Coleen MacPherson, special comedic guests Melissa D’Agostino, Sandra Battaglini and Phil Luzi and prizes!

Where: Bar Italia ( 582 College St. In Little Italy between Clinton and Manning St.)

When: January 28, 2010 @ 8pm

Tickets: $15 (admission includes 1 free biscotti with every ticket!!)

Come and join us for some romantic music, comedy and btw…it’s also Adam’s 31st birthday…

The Pasolini Project…

is an original translation and adaptation of Pier Paolo Pasolini’s tragedy Pylade, written in 1968. The story is a contemporary re-telling of the Oresteia myth.

Pylade is a poetic, tragic meditation on democracy, consumerism and the struggle for real social change. The piece is a dynamic re-telling of a classic story performed by an all star cast of some of the most exciting emerging Canadian theatre artists in the Toronto scene.

Featuring Dan Watson, Ravi Jain, Kimwun Perehinec, Lisa Marie Diliberto, Erin Shields, Rebecca Singh, Miranda Calderon, Dean Gilmour and Michele Smith.

Directed by Adam Paolozza and adapted/dramaturged by Coleen MacPherson

Translated by Coleen MacPherson and Adam Paolozza

The Pasolini Project is a continuation of TheatreRUN’s experimentation with adapting and re-imagining poetic text for the modern stage. It also marks our first foray into using a contemporary Greek Chorus.