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TheatreRUN Canada presents our 2010/11 Season


A Note from Artistic Director Adam Paolozza

The Power of Theatrical Madness

“The lunatic, the lover and the poet are of an imagination compact”

The madness of the lunatic, the lover and the poet is a kind of clairvoyance. Their visions open up for us new vistas, new ways of seeing; it is the madness of dreams.
When we come together in the theatre we create a space and time for these dreams to take on substance. And if we’re lucky we just might be able to share the same dreams and imagine together in a sublime, theatrical madness. And if we can dream together there is a small chance we can come back to the world with new eyes.

The 2010/11 season is driven by passionately unorthodox characters.
It is filled with mad poets, failed revolutionaries, greedy bankers and a schizophrenic St.Petersburg bureaucrat. It’s filled with new Canadian writing, surreal poetry and world classics in French and English…and we’re even bringing in the world renowned Marcello Magni for a Commedia dell’Arte workshop.

I believe that the theatre is one of the last communal spaces where we are free to imagine together, where we create a space for voices not often heard. In the theatre we are still free to be mad, revolutionary and passionate.
We hope you’ll join us this season and share in the experience.

“There is the possibility of a different world which only lasts for the time of the performance.” -Romeo Castellucci

Adam Paolozza
Artistic Director, TheatreRUN Canada



October 29-November 28, 2010

At the Factory Studio Theatre.
Presented in collaboration with Theatre Smith-Gilmour and Why Not Theatre.

Spent returns after a successful run last autumn and three Dora nominations, including a win for Outstanding Performance in a Featured Role.

“A wonderful combination of incisive satire and sharp physical comedy. NNNN’s” -Jon Kaplan, Now Magazine

“Spent is splendidly satirical as Paolozza, Jain, Smith and Gilmour target the greed that underlies the financial crisis” -Robert Crew, Toronto Star

Tickets:, 416.504.9971

Presented with the generous assistance of the Canada Council for the Arts, the Ontario Arts Council and the Toronto Arts Council.


Artaud: un portrait en décomposition

February 16-19 & 23-26

Presentée en co-production avec/Presented in co-production with Théâtre Français de Toronto at their Centre de Création

Cruelty, madness and beauty.
Artaud: un portrait en décomposition is a theatrical ‘autopsy’, a visceral and poetic experience of the sublime violence of Artaud’s language and thought.

“La vie et de brûler des questions. ” -Antonin Artaud

performance in French/performance en français

with the generous assistance of the Ontario Arts Council
avec l’assistance genereux du Conseil des Arts de l’Ontario


L’Empire de la nuit

February 22, 2011 at 7:30pm

Soirée unique/One night only

Mise en lecture/Staged reading
Presented in partnership with the Alliance Français de Toronto

Dans la nuit, pendant l’Heure bleue, un homme est assis auprés de sa fenetre, regardant la nuit à travers. C’est une espace de calme, de rêve et de songe. L’homme s’ouvre aux rhythmes et forces nocturnes.

L’Empire de la nuit (The Empire of Night) is a poetic and musical hommage to the night. The audience is invited to enter into a series of aural and visual ‘poem spaces’ for an experience at once intimate, mysterious and dreamlike.

…inspired by the writing of Fernando Pessoa and the installations of Belgian artist Jan Fabre


The Double

October 15, 2010

A special 40 minute presentation as part of Theatre Passe Muraille’s BUZZ Festival

One actor, one musician and one double bass collide in a schizophrenic feast of images and sound in our musical adaptation of Dostoevsky’s novella The Double.

Conceived, created by and featuring Adam Paolozza and Arif Mirabdolbaghi, bassist of the award winning band Protest The Hero.


The Pasolini Project

March 2011

Developed in collaboration with TheatreRUN associate artist Coleen MacPherson

In March we continue to develop our original translation of the iconoclastic Italian poet and director Pier Paolo Pasolini’s tragedy Pylade.
A tragic meditation on democracy, consumerism and powerlessness, The Pasolini Project continues our search for an authentic, politically engaged theatre through the renovation of the tragic form.

“Man’s only greatness lies in his tragedy.” -Pier Paolo Pasolini




February 2011

Spent has has been invited by the Great Canadian Theatre Company to play at this year’s undercurrents festival in Ottawa.
Click HERE for more details.



Tadoussac Playwrights’ Residence

September 16-26, 2010

Following a one week residency at Playwrigths’ Workshop Montreal in May 2010, Adam Paolozza and Coleen MacPherson have been selected for the Tadoussac Playwrights’ Residence.
Among some of Canada’s most celebrated playwrights and under the mentorship of Linda Gaboriau, Coleen and Adam will continue their work translating Pasolini’s 1968 tragedy Pylade.
Many thanks to Emma Tibaldo and Playwrights’ Workshop Montreal for their continued support of The Pasolini Project.



Marcello Magni

March 2011

Presented in partnership with Why Not Theatre and Canada Council for the Arts

It is with great pleasure that we are offering a workshop this March with Marcello Magni!
A co-founder Théâtre de Complicité and a regular collaborator with Peter Brook, Marcello is a world class performer, director and teacher.
Stretch your physical and gestural vocabulary and develop your creative imagination during this intensive exploration into one of the theatre’s oldest and most mysterious disciplines – commedia dell’arte