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DIRT opens at Soulpepper next week!

TheatreRUN’s Adam Paolozza is assistant directing the amazing Leah Cherniak and the stupendous Soulpepper Academy on their filthy collective creation called DIRT.

They’ve filled the stage with over 100 bags of soil and they’re getting down and dirty in it: rolling in it, talking to it, eating it!

This show is about DIRT in all its manifestations: physical, metaphorical, sexual, you name it. It’s your dirty gossip and the dirt under your fingernails…

It runs from May 18th until May 26th. To read more about the show, see some photos and book tickets go HERE

Tickes are only $20 and there’s limited seating so act fast!


Dirt photo by Nathan Kelly

SPENT back from a successful run in NYC!

We just returned from a successful two week run of SPENT at the Queens Theatre in NYC. We played to smiling audiences, old and young alike. It was incredible to feel the response from an American audience to a show we had always felt should be played in the USA. 

Here’s some audience feedback from the show: 

“This is a seriously funny show by the extremely talented physical comedians Adam Paolozza and Ravi Jain. And don’t be scared off by the fact that it’s in Queens…”

-Max Dana, New York actor and mask maker

“Loved the show SPENT!! Ravi and Adam were so damn funny, even if they are Canadian! hahaha

They touched on many highlights of the current economic crisis and delivered it with perfect timing and humor. Thanks guys! There are some graphic scenes involving way-too-big boxer shorts and chest hair but it still rates a 5 star in my book!”

“This show hits the nail on the head with every single act. if I were Siskel & Ebert – I’d give it two thumbs up, since im not, I give it two snaps and a big circle!”

READ our exclusive interview in the Toronto Star HERE

READ more about what the audience had to say here