Artaud Symposium at Tarragon August 14th 7pm

TheatreRUN is hosting a symposium on the legacy of Antonin Artaud and his influence on contemporary thought and theatre practice. 

The even will be held at the Tarragon Theatre, August 14th at 7pm, in conjunction with our SummerWorks presentation of Artaud: un portrait en décomposition.

Joining host Adam Paolozza as panelists will be Richard Rose (theatre director and artistic director of the Tarragon theatre), Jacob Zimmer (director, dramaturge and choreographer), Tatiana Jennings (theatre director, chor

eographer), Marc Lemyre (poet, theatre maker) and Aaron Rotbard (psychotherapist).

Here’s how it works: Adam has given all the panelists a selection of readings on Artaud. These readings will serve to generate a select few talking points. Each member of the panel will have a chance to respond to each talking point in turn and then we will open up the floor to a less formal discussion where panelists can respond to each other, ask questions and/or throw the floor open to the audience to ask questions.

If you’re interested in coming please RSVP Adam Paolozza at so we can have an idea of numbers. 

If you’d like to do your homework and read the selection of Artaud texts ahead of time we can also send you a pdf file with them. 
Send all requests to the same address.

Some background on the show and on Artaud:

Artaud: un portrait en décomposition is a theatrical portrait of the life and poetry of Antonin Artaud. 

Cruelty, madness and beauty.
Through his poems and letters and through the words of his closest friends, Artaud: un portrait en décomposition creates a dynamic theatrical portrait of the French poet, surrealist and mad man of the theatre Antonin Artaud. 

Artaud is a seminal figure in 20th art. He was a true metaphysical revolutionary calling for total cultural and spiritual revolution. His work is a scream of pain. He draws us dangerously close to the limits of what is considered “normal” and “sane” and he was himself incarcerated in various asylums for 9 years of his life. There he suffered 51 electroshock sessions, a novel “therapy” at the time. Artaud’s work forces us to re-evaluate what we consider as culture and to redefine the boundaries between madness and sanity. With Artaud we see that madness, Belgian director Jan Fabre says, can itself be a form of protest.

Part docudrama, part verbatim theatre and part performance poetry, Artaud: un portrait en décomposition incarnates Artaud’s tumultuous life and work on the stage.

***Performed in French with English Surtitles***
Written by Michele Smith and Adam Paolozza using letters and poems by ANTONIN ARTAUD

Directed by Michele Smith

Featuring Coleen MacPherson and Adam Paolozza

Lighting design by Kim Purtell

“Intimate…beautiful…the kind of work we want to see more of in Toronto.”

– Sophie Perceval, TFO – Radio Canada

“Beautiful…moving, human…”

– Marjorie Murhpy, Radio Canada

“Stylish and cinematic”

– Patricia Marceau, actor/director


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