Summer Round-Up

September is upon us and where has the summer gone? As the fighter planes of yore scald the sky above the lake outside my apartment I reflect on the past summer. It was as intense as the noise of the supersonic engines on the fighter planes above lake ontario.

Our summer started with The Double being nominated for 2 Doras – Best New Play and Lighting Design – and André du Toit winning for Lighting Design. Then we played Period of  Tranzish, a co-creation with Lisa Marie DiLiberto and Dan Watson at the Cooking Fire Festival. We also reprised a 10-minute trailer length version of SPENT for the festival.

You can read about the Festival here in NOW MAGAZINE

Next we co-created the movement sections for Soulpepper’s The Royal Comedians with Ravi Jain.

July took us into pre-production for SummerWorks and to Huntsville in Muskoka with Fixt Point Theatre to create a new show for the Nuit Blanche North, The Tale of A Town: Huntsville. Check our some great footage of that HERE

August saw us present Artaud : un portrait en décomposition at SummerWorks. The show was met with great critical and audience acclaim. We also had an Artaud Symposium hosted by the Tarragon Theatre and featuring Richard Rose, Tatiana Jennings, Jacob Zimmer and Aaron Rotbard as speakers. Stay tuned for another Artaud symposium this Fall.

Here are some photos from SummerWorks…

photo by John de Marco

photo by John de Marco

photo by John de Marco

ALSO, Coleen MacPherson, our co-star from Artaud, is going off to Paris for two years to study at École Jacques Lecoq! This is an incredible opportunity for her and she’s currently raising money to help pay for her adventure.

If you’d like to donate to help this immensely talented artist further deepen her craft you can do so HERE. There you can make a secure online donation and learn more about Coleen’s trip.

And to round off the summer, Adam Paolozza has begun his Urjo Kareda residence at Tarragon Theatre and is currently assistant directing Richard Rose on No Great Mishchief which will open the season there.

Thanks to all who came out to support the work and we hope you had a wonderful summer 2012!



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