Special Announcement & Autumn Events

Later this week TheatreRUN will make a SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT about the amazing things we have planned for Winter/Spring 2013.

In the meantime we wanted to let you know about 2 events we hosted this past Autumn:

INTRO TO LECOQ workshop October 19-20, 2012

Adam Paolozza w/ students photo by nergis canefe

Our Intro To Lecoq workshop took place at the Zuke Studios on Dupont St in the Junction and was a great success. 12 brave participants went on a 5 day journey into the pedagogy of Jacques Lecoq led by Adam Paolozza. We studied silent play, Neutral Mask, Commedia dell’Arte, Clown and much more.

Clowns in duo photo by Nergis Canefe

Once again we were amazed by the students embracing of the Lecoq Pedagogy. This is such a fantastic training tool for all actors as it brings them into contact with what unites us all, despite our personal/ethnic/cultural histories: the expressivity of the human body.

The Laugh Scale photo by Nergis Canefe

Comedy is all about falling down photo by Nergis Canefe

Instructor Adam Paolozza photo by Nergis Canefe

Discovering the neutral photo by Nergis Canefe

ARTAUD SYMPOSIUM October 29, 2012 at the Tarragon Theatre

Guest Speakers: Michele Smith and Tatiana Jennings

photo by Lacey Creighton

This was our second Symposium on the life and ideas of Antonin Artaud. Moderated by Adam Paolozza, Tatiana Jennings and Michele Smith led a lively conversation about Artaud’s theatrical theories. The talk slowly veered towards their own theories about the “How” of making Art and why this is such an important area of discussion.

Despite the terrible Hurricane Sandy weather a brave, intimate group came out to join the talk. We were especially lucky to have Dean Gilmour present. Dean is Michele Smith’s artistic partner for the last 30 years and his experiences greatly enriched the conversation.

Tatiana Jennings, Michele Smith & Adam Paolozza photo by Lacey Creighton

It is so important for artists to get together and talk about the “How” of their work: how they make it, how they see their role within society, how they make the choices that unite form and content. This is a conversation that is seldom had. Perhaps this is due to a lack of common professional vocabularies for discussing not only theatre, but all arts across the boards. So, these Symposiums (inspired by Plato’s Symposium, where a lively group gathers in a festive spirit to talk on a lofty – or not so lofty – theme) held by TheatreRUN are our little attempt to bring together professionals, non-professionals and amateurs and start the conversation. Healthy, festive public discourse.

Many thanks to Richard Rose, Erin Brubacher and Annemieke Wade at the Tarragon for hosting us there.

Stay tuned for another Symposium on Comedy in the Spring 2013. 


photo by Lacey Creighton

Dean Gilmour photo by Lacey Creighton

Tatiana Jennings photo by Lacey Creighton

Michele Smith photo by Lacey Creighton


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