Directing Gold No Trade in Brooklyn

I’ve been in Brooklyn over the past three weeks directing Gold No Trade’s The Pinks, a period piece about a female confederate spy and the American civil war.

This company was founded by class mates of mine from Lecoq. They work on a “tréteau”, a small platform, which condenses all the action and creates an interesting visual style and movement vocabulary.

Here’s what they say about it:

“The Tiny Stage: The tiny stage we perform on is called a trestle (or tréteau, in French). It’s derived from the portable stages traveling Commedia dell’Arte troupes would perform on in Renaissance Italy. At l’Ecole Lecoq we used a trestle stage as a tool to learn how to compose a stage image as precisely as a photographer or painter composes their artwork. Gold No Trade decided to stage an entire play on a trestle because the constrained space required us to develop innovative storytelling techniques. The compression of space paradoxically opens the horizons of the imagination.”

They tell BIG stories in SMALL spaces. They’re super cool.

Here’s a link to their web site: 

They’re doing a full production of this show in March if you’re in NYC.


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