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We’re Changing Our Name!

845TheatreRUN began as an ensemble of five friends together in 2003 after we all graduated from Ecole Jacques Lecoq in Paris. The original members have all since settled in their respective home countries. I have been using the name TheatreRUN since about 2007-08 to represent my own creative work and I feel now that it is time to move forward, cut all symbolic ties to the past and shed an old skin for a new one.

The time has come to create a new identity and new name to reflect more accurately where I am as a person and as an artist. The moment is now.

So, we’re having a party at the Theatre Centre to announce our new name Friday, November 29th.  

It’s a way for me to thank all of you who have supported TheatreRUN, celebrate all our past achievements and toast to the future of the new company…what will it be called?!

Please join us for the party from 8pm onwards.

Free admission, cheap drinks, Samuel S. Sholdice will be Dj’ing, Parmis Mire will be reading Tarot cards and at midnight we’ll have a sparkling toast to announce the new name.

8pm @ Theatre Centre Pop-Up 1095 Queen St West Toronto, ON

Hope to see you there!

Adam xo

2-4-1 Double ticket promo November 9th

In an effort to provide affordable tickets for our longest standing fans we’ve got a great promo happening next Saturday November 9th

a double deal for TheatreRUN

Here’s the latest rave reviews for The Double

“…brilliant…If only these theatre-makers came in multiples—perhaps then we’d be lucky enough to see more shows like The Double. 9/10”
-Carly Maga, The Grid

“thrilling…ingenious…fast-moving, funny and psychologically complex. NNNN’s”
-Glenn Sumi , Now Magazine

“That was me laughing out loud…I love to laugh at the theatre.”
-Former Governer-General Adrienne Clarkson

“Technically, he (Paolozza), is a marvel…and so is his production. Haunting, hilarious…”
-Robert Cushman, The National Post

The Double is a one of a kind experience, a whimsical adaptation that restores my faith in the theatre and its magic.”
-Leslie Barcza,


The Double runs till November 24th at the Tarragon Extra Space

For tickets call: 416-531-1827 Tarragon Box Office