2-4-1 Double ticket promo November 9th

In an effort to provide affordable tickets for our longest standing fans we’ve got a great promo happening next Saturday November 9th

a double deal for TheatreRUN

Here’s the latest rave reviews for The Double

“…brilliant…If only these theatre-makers came in multiples—perhaps then we’d be lucky enough to see more shows like The Double. 9/10”
-Carly Maga, The Grid

“thrilling…ingenious…fast-moving, funny and psychologically complex. NNNN’s”
-Glenn Sumi , Now Magazine

“That was me laughing out loud…I love to laugh at the theatre.”
-Former Governer-General Adrienne Clarkson

“Technically, he (Paolozza), is a marvel…and so is his production. Haunting, hilarious…”
-Robert Cushman, The National Post

The Double is a one of a kind experience, a whimsical adaptation that restores my faith in the theatre and its magic.”
-Leslie Barcza, Barczablog.com


The Double runs till November 24th at the Tarragon Extra Space

For tickets call: 416-531-1827 Tarragon Box Office

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