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2 Cities, 3 Shows

Spent gets ****’s and CBC coverage

SPENT sold out its opening yesterday and our second show today!

Festmagazine calls it:

“Funny, pacey and utterly mad, it shows just how well theatre can shed light on our bonkers world.”

Read the full 4 STAR review here
And SPENT was featured on CBC’s website as part of the Edfringe’s Canadian invasion! Read about it here


And in an absurd twist of fate the world market has crashed again, the biggest since 2008, timed seemingly to our show opening in Edinburgh…more on that here



Adam Paolozza and Ravi Jain



Pasolini Project at Canadian Stage’s Spotlight: Italy Festival.

photo by Coleen MacPherson

TheatreRUN invites you to …

The Pasolini Project

“Man’s only greatness lies in his tragedy.” -Pier Paolo Pasolini

Join us in a presentation of excerpts from our play-in-development.
The Pasolini Project is based on Pier Paolo Pasolini’s 1969 tragedy Pylades.

Pasolini’s ecstatic poetry mobilizes the language of Greek tragedy to stage a dramatic debate on democracy and revolution. The play, Pasolini’s relentless critique of Italian culture and politics of the 1960’s, speaks directly to the turbulent socio-political climate of our times.

Presented as part of the Spotlight. Italy Festival
Canadian Stage, Berkeley Street Theatre, Downstairs
26 Berkeley Street
Saturday March 19th, 2011
3:00 – 4:00 pm
Directed and translated by Adam Paolozza and Coleen MacPherson

Performed by:
Miranda Calderon
Julian De Zotti*
Lisa Marie Diliberto*
Fabio Fabri
Dean Gilmour*
Rebecca Singh*
Michele Smith*
Dan Watson

  • appears with permission of Canadain Actors’ Equity Association

Stick around after the reading and see the other exciting shows at the Spotlight: Italy Festival

Click here to download the schedule:

and visit the Pasolini Project Blog:

presented with the generous support of the Canada Council for the Arts

Spent October 8-25 at the Factory Studio Theatre

Don’t miss this tour de force team made up of two hot young emerging artists and two seasoned veterans of Canadian theatre who bring you the funniest and most absurdly topical show of the season.

Spent brings together two generations of Canada’s most exciting independent theatre artists in this hysterical new take on the financial crisis.

Theatre Smith-Gilmour, Why Not Theatre and TheatreRUN Present:


An absurd account of two execs who fall off the corporate ladder

Created by
Michele Smith, Dean Gilmour, Ravi Jain and Adam Paolozza

“You do not want to miss this show!”
– Franco Boni, Artistic Director of the Theatre Centre

October 8 – 25, 2009
Factory Theatre Studio
125 Bathurst Street, Toronto
Preview: October 7, 2009
Tuesdays to Saturdays at 8 PM
PWYC Sundays at 2:30 PM

“Witty, Subversive, “Cocasse”
.-Matthew Jocelyn, Artistic Director of The Canadian Stage Company

“Inventive, physical, funny,
virtuosic and somewhat sly.”
-Leah Cherniak

Discounts for Groups, Students & Seniors

CALL: 416 504-9971
or purchase at the door

Erika Rueter, STAF Publicist
416 703 2773 x202

TheatreRUN’s exciting fall season

TheatreRUN has a busy season lined up, full of irreverent laughter and tragic pathos.
Check here often for all the details on our upcoming productions, projects-in-development and workshops.

We hope to see you there!

In Development


by Pier Paolo Pasolini

Translated by Coleen MacPherson and Adam Paolozza

We’re proud to present the Canadian and English language premier of Pasolini’s contemporary re-telling of the Oresteia myth.


is a poetic, tragic meditation on democracy, consumerism and the struggle for real social change. The piece is a dynamic re-telling of a classic story performed by an all star cast of some of the most exciting emerging Canadian theatre artists in the Toronto scene.

Featuring Dan Watson, Ravi Jain, Kimwun Perehinec, Lisa Marie Diliberto, Erin Shields, Rebecca Singh, Miranda Calderon, Dean Gilmour and Michele Smith.

Directed by Adam Paolozza and adapted/dramaturged by Coleen MacPherson

Pylade is a continuation of TheatreRUN’s experimentation with adapting and re-imagining poetic text for the modern stage. It also marks our first foray into using a contemporary Greek Chorus.

Tickets : PWYC (suggested donation of $10 and all proceeds go to further development of the show)
To Reserve call (416) 454-3208 or e-mail or at the door

When : September 20 @ 5pm

Where : The Children’s Peace Theatre www.childrenspeacetheatre.org305 Dawes Road Toronto, Ontario
(Subway stop “Main St” station. Then take the 23 Dawes Road bus North to the Peace Theatre)

Pylade has been developed with the generous support of the Canada Council for the Arts, Video Cabaret Theatre and the Children’s Peace Theatre.


Pylade September 20

Pylade September 20

In Production


Devised and Created by Michele Smith, Dean Gilmour, Ravi Jain and Adam Paolozza

Presented in collaboration with Theatre Smith-Gilmour and Theatre Why Not.

A comedy about climbing and falling off the corporate ladder

“This is a great show! Inventive, physical, funny, virtuosic and somewhat sly. It’s unabashed physical theatre done with a mixture of simplicity and sophistication. Ravi and Adam are the real thing.”
-Leah Cherniak, clown teacher and former Artistic Director of Theatre Columbus

“I was delighted by Spent, a great way to spend 40 minutes in a black box and come out feeling richer, not spent. Witty, subversive, “cocasse” – I hope there is more where that came from.”
-Matthew Jocelyn, Artistic Director of the Canadian Stage Company

“You don’t want to miss this show!”
-Franco Boni, Artistic Director of the Theatre Centre

When : October 8-25

Where: The Factory Studio Theatre 125 Bathurst St. Toronto, ON

When : Tuesdays to Saturdays @ 8pm with PWYC Sundays @ 2:30pm

Tickets : $15-$25 (with Discounts for groups, artists, students and seniors)
Call (416) 504-9971 or visit or at the door

SPENT at the Factory Studio Theatre October 8-25, 2009

SPENT at the Factory Studio Theatre October 8-25, 2009

The Raven at Lab Cab

Look out for a special Halloween presentation of our “chamber-mime” inspired adaptation of Edgar Allen Poe’s Gothic poem.

Co-created with Why Not Theatre and Coleen MacPherson.

The Raven Halloween 2009

The Raven Halloween 2009


Of the Comic and the Tragic

Sunday September 20

This special workshop is being held in conjunction with our work-in-progress showing of Pylade.
In it we will explore the delicate balance between what makes us weep and what makes us laugh.
We’ll be employing an intense, non-psychological approach to interpreting classical texts by Samuel Beckett and from Greek tragedy focusing on movement, rhythm, spacial awareness and improvisation.

See our WORKSHOPS page for all the details.

Silent Film/Slapstick Workshop at St.Andrew’s College


Adam Paolozza will be leading the students in an exploration of slapstick and physical comedy in the tradition of the silent film greats such as Chaplin and Keaton

And stay tuned to our website for info on upcoming workshops in our Being Funny series, including a joint workshop with Theatre Smith-Gilmour and Theatre Why Not.

The Future

We have many exciting projects planned for the new year, as well…here’s a little teaser :

February 2010
Adam Paolozza will be taking the stage with Theatre Smith-Gilmour in Grimm Too at the Factory Studio Theatre

March 2010
We take our 2008 creation Artaud: un portrait en décomposition to the next level with a development residency and new, multi-media performance at Le LABO

Since 2003 TheatreRUN has been creating imaginative, intelligent and challenging theatre…thank you to all of those who have ran alongside us, supporting us from the beginning !

The Raven @ Luminato’s New Waves Festival at the Young Centre

The Raven by Ravi Jain, Adam Paolozza & Coleen MacPherson

The Raven by Ravi Jain, Adam Paolozza & Coleen MacPherson

Why Not Theatre in association with TheatreRUN present:
The Raven.
An intimate, “chamber mime” adaptation of Edgar Allan Poe’s dark, melodramatic masterpiece performed by Coleen MacPherson, Ravi Jain and Adam Paolozza

The piece is 15 min. long and performs several times between Fridady and Sunday this coming weekend. Specific times below:

Friday June 12:
perform: 8pm, 8:30pm

Saturday June 13:
performance: 5:45, 6:15, 7:45, 8:15

Sunday June 14:
Perform: 4:15, 4:45


WHERE: At the Young Centre in the Distillery District. We are performing in Studio Two. Just ask where the WHY NOT Theatre performance is happening

some English tranlsations…

Want to come and see Artaud: un portrait en décomposition but you’re worried about the level of your French? Here are some translations of some of the poems in piece to help you out…enjoy!


The Pursuit of Fecality
(La recherche de la Fecalité)

There where it smells of shit
it smells of being.
Man could just as well not have shat,
not have opened the anal pouch,
but he chose to shit
as he would have chosen to live
instead of consenting to live dead.

Because in order not to make caca,
he would have had to consent
not to be,
but he could not make up his mind to lose
that is, to die alive.

There is in being
something particularly tempting for man
and this something is none other than
(Roaring here.)

To exist one need only let oneself be,
but to live,
one must be someone,
to be someone,
one must have a BONE,
not be afraid to show the bone,
and to lose the meat in the process.

Man has always preferred meat
to the earth of bones.
Because there was only earth and wood of bone,
and he had to earn his meat,
there was only iron and fire
and no shit,
and man was afraid of losing shit
or rather he desired shit
and, for this, sacrificed blood.

In order to have shit,
that is, meat,
where there was only blood
and a junkyard of bones
and where there was no being to win
but where there was only life to lose.

o reche modo
to edire
di za
tau dari
do padera coco

At this point, man withdrew and fled.

Then the animals ate him.

It was not a rape,
he lent himself to the obscene meal.

He relished it,
he learned himself
to act like an animal
and to eat rat

And where does this foul debasement come from?

The fact that the world is not yet formed,
or that man has only a small idea of the world
and wants to hold on to it forever?

This comes from the fact that man,
one fine day,
the idea of the world.

Two paths were open to him:
that of the infinite without,
that of the infinitesimal within.

And he chose the infinitesimal within.
Where one need only squeeze
the spleen,
the tongue,
the anus
or the glans.

And god, god himself squeezed the movement.

Is God a being?
If he is one, he is shit.
If he is not one
he does not exist.

But he does not exist,
except as the void that approaches with all its forms
whose most perfect image
is the advance of an incalculable group of crab lice.

“You are mad Mr. Artaud, what about the mass?”

I deny baptism and the mass.
There is no human act,
on the internal erotic level,
more pernicious than the descent
of the so-called jesus-christ
onto the altars.

No one will believe me
and I can see the public shrugging its shoulders
but the so-called christ is none other than he
who in the presence of the crab louse god
consented to live without a body,
while an army of men
descended from a cross,
to which god thought he had long since nailed them,
has revolted,
and, armed with steel,
with blood,
with fire, and with bones,
advances, reviling the Invisible
to have done with GOD’S JUDGMENT.

Who Am I?
(Qui Suis-Je?)

Who am I?
Where do I come from?
I am Antonin Artaud
and I say this
as I know how to say this
you will see my present body
burst into fragments
and remake itself
under ten thousand notorious aspects
a new body
where you will
forget me.


April 20, 2009:
New Clown Workshop with Adam on May 16th and 17th…
see the WORKSHOP page for more detail…

February Clown Workshop photos now up…check out the Workshop page…

un portrait en décomposition


Please Join Us For the Workshop Presentation of our new creation:

Artaud: un portrait en décomposition!!!!!

TheatreRUN se fait un plaisir de vous inviter à notre nouvelle création Artaud : un portrait en décomposition.
Les deux représentations seront sous forme d’un “laboratoire public”.
Biographie, poésie-concert et autopsie-théâtral, Artaud : un portrait en décomposition jette un regard tranchant sur la vie et les mots d’Antonin Artaud.

Ne manquez pas une de nos deux représentations !
Le 12 et 13 décembre 2008
20 h @ STUDIO 104 (358, rue Dufferin. 100 mètres en bas de rue Queen)

PWYC ($10 suggéré)
La représentation se déroulera en français
*place limité*

RSVP Adam Paolozza 416-454-3208

Please join us for the premier workshop presentation of Artaud: Un Portrait En Décomposition!
Part biography, part spoken-word poetry slam, part live autopsy Artaud: Un Portrait En Décomposition is a razor-sharp, visceral romp through the life and words of the French man of prodigies, Antonin Artaud.

Only Two Shows!
December 12-13, 8pm @ STUDIO 104 (358 Dufferin St., just South of Queen St.)
PWYC ($10 suggested)
Performance in French
*RSVP Adam Paolozza as seating is limited*

TheatreRUN présente/presents…Artaud: un portrait en décomposition

développé par/created by: la compagnie/ the company
conçu et mis en scène par /conception and direction: Adam Paolozza
avec/featuring: Liz Peterson, Martine Eichenberger & Adam Paolozza
texte supplémentaire/additional text: Coleen MacPherson
assistants de metteur en scène/assistants to the director: Liz Pounsett, Dan Cook
rélationiste et consultante scènographique/administration and design consultant: Isabelle Mignault

avec le soutien genereux de CAO, Le LABO et Film Solutions/with the generous support of the Ontario Arts Council, Le LABO and Film Solutions