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Midway is selling out – only 5 shows left


Our co-production with DLT Teatro from Florence ofMidway Along The Journey Of Our Life is selling-out at SummerWorks!

Here’s what the reviews are saying:

-“lost in a dream like world…fragmented…exciting”

-“Midway Along the Journey of Our Life requires a lot of trust and confidence from both its artists and participants. If you feel comfortable joining in the action, you’re in for a treat: Walking along Queen West, behind a white rabbit on stilts, while wearing a pilot’s uniform and carrying a locked briefcase, was pretty magical.”

-“…there’s nothing I’ve ever seen that I could compare that to. What I ignorantly signed myself up for was something 100 times more exciting than I expected…Another highlight of the Summerworks theatre festival….”

There are only 5 DAYS LEFT to see it…Wednesay-Saturday this week.


Get your tickets HERE

Midway opens soon – 1 audience at a time so book early

photo and design by lacey creighton

photo and design by lacey creighton